About Troop 209

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Meeting Location: Perinton Presbyterian Church, 6511 Pittsford-Palmyra Road, Fairport NY 14450

Meeting Time: Mondays, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Our Mission Troop 209 is committed to providing a complete scouting experience for its youth. We have a history of producing Eagle Scouts. We have an excellent outdoor program that makes the trail to Eagle fun, exciting, and challenging to all scouts.

Troop Profile Troop 209 is sponsored by Perinton Presbyterian Church. The troop is part of Seneca Waterways Council and the Towpath District. Our scouts have and continue to come from various ethnic backgrounds and religious preferences. We take pride in our troop's diversity. The troop was formed in 1937. It has produced over 150 Eagle Scouts. Henry Ewing was our Scoutmaster for over 30 years. Right now the Troop has about 25 members. The largest the troop has ever been was one year when it had 50 members.

Troop 209 History Troop 209 was started in 1937. At first it was Troop 118 and then it split to form troops 207, 208, and Troop 209. Troop 209 has a very rich history. The chartering organization of the troop is currently Perinton Presbyterian Church and before 2018 was Fairport Community Baptist Church. The troop has had over 150 Eagle Scouts pass through it. The Troop previously was in the Arrowhead district, but now it is in the Towpath district. Believe it or not, in the 1940's, Troop 209 was so big, that it owned it's own campsite called Hogsbath! Our cheerful scoutmaster is currently Mr. Brian Kreiger. He was preceeded by other great men like Henry Ewing, Jim Castelli, Scott McKee, Kevin Krueger and Jim Belaskas. Mr. Ewing lead our troop for over 35 years!

Summer Camp Every year the troop goes to Massawepie, a scout camp in the Adirondacks. In recent years we have stayed in the Pioneer camp, but it wasn't always that way. The troop used to stay in the Forester and Mountaineer camps.

Fundraising Today, Troop 209 gets its fundraising from Popcorn Sales and Christmas tree sales. Troop 209 is known for their Christmas tree sales. Currently we sell them in the Fairport Village Landing but the troop used to sell them in the parking lot in Perinton Square Mall. In fact the members of Troop 209 used to cut down the trees themselves. Christmas tree sales were not always the main source of fundraising. We used to sell other things such as coat hangers and newspaper subscriptions.

- written by Eagle Scout Dylan K. and updated by many other fine people over the years.